Use of biographical and case history data in the assessment of malingering during examination for disability.

R. I. Lanyon, E. R. Almer and P. J. Curran,
Bull. Amer. Acad. Psychiatry & the Law 21(4): 495-503, 1993.
This study examine the relationship of biographical and case history data thought to be associated with malingering to known indices of malingering based on MMPI and sentence-completion test data. Subjects were 65 patients who had undergone formal psychiatric evaluations in connection with ongoing litigation over injury-related disability. Biographical/case history data were reduced to six factors, which were correlated with six MMPI and five sentence completion test variables. Of the 66 correlations, 24 were significant, supporting the relevance of biographical and case history data in assessing malingering under these circumstances.