Intermediate care programs for inmates with psychiatric disorders.

W. S. Condelli, J. A. Dvoskin and H. Holanchock,
Bull. Amer. Acad. Psychiatry & the Law 22(1): 63-70, 1994.
Inmates with psychiatric disorders are a growing and difficult to manage population in federal and state prisons. An exploratory study was done of New York State's Intermediate Care Programs for inmates with psychiatric disorders. The study assessed whether there was a reduction in disruptive and harmful behaviors, and in the correctional restrictions and mental health services used to address those behaviors, among admissions to programs. Data came from corrections and mental health records of 209 inmates who had been in the program and prison for at least six months. Significant reductions were found in very serious rules infractions, suicide attempts, correctional discipline, and three mental health services: crisis care, seclusion, and hospitalization.