Patient-therapist sexual involvement: a review of clinical and research data.

G. C. Hankins, M. I. Vera, G. W. Barnard and M. J. Herkov,
Bull. Amer. Acad. Psychiatry & the Law 22(1): 109-26, 1994.
Core concepts and selected research addressing the issue of patient-therapist sexual involvement (PTSI) are examined. Topics covered include the prevalence of PTSI, its suspected causes, the seduction process employed by offending therapists, the factors involved in patient's vulnerability, the mechanisms by which patients are damaged by PTSI, the types of harm caused to patients, the treatment of patients after PTSI, and the prevention of PTSI. The need to expand empirical research in all aspects of PTSI from the patient as well as from the therapists' perspective is strongly emphasized. [References: 60]