Axis I and personality comorbidity in adolescents with conduct disorder.

R. C. Burket and W. C. Myers,
Bull. Amer. Acad. Psychiatry & the Law 23(1): 73-82, 1995.
This study was undertaken to investigate psychiatric comorbidity in male and female adolescents with conduct disorder diagnoses. Twenty-five hospitalized adolescents (11 females, 14 males) with conduct disorder were evaluated using structured diagnostic interviews for Axis I and personality disorders. The most common Axis I comorbid diagnoses were: depressive disorders (major depression and/or dysthymia), 64 percent; anxiety disorders (separation anxiety disorder, overanxious disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, and/or posttraumatic stress disorder), 52 percent; substance abuse, 48 percent; and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, 28 percent. Common Axis II disorders included passive-aggressive personality disorder, 56 percent, and borderline personality disorder, 32 percent. When compared with the male subjects, the females had significantly more total Axis I disorders and a trend toward more total personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and borderline personality disorders. These findings support conduct disorder as a complex illness with extensive Axis I and II involvement as well as some gender differences in presentation.