About AAPL
AAPL Governance

2014 – 2015 AAPL Executive Council

President Graham D. Glancy, MB
President-elect Emily A. Keram, MD
Vice President Christopher Thompson, MD
Vice President Barry W. Wall, MD
Secretary Susan Hatters Friedman, MD
Treasurer Douglass Mossman, MD
Immediate Past President Robert Weinstock, MD

Current Councilors

2014-2017 Richard Martinez, MD
2014-2017 Gary Chaimowitz, MD
2014-2017 R. Gregg Dwyer, MD
2012-2015 Elissa P. Benedek, MD
2013-2016 Michael K. Champion, MD
2013-2016 Jessica Ferranti, MD
2012-2015 Ryan Hall, MD
2012-2015 James L. Knoll IV, MD
2013-2016 William J. Newman, MD

Medical Director

2013- Jeffrey S. Janofsky, MD
1995-2013 Howard V. Zonana, MD
1972-1995 Jonas R. Rappeport, MD

Executive Director

Jacquelyn T. Coleman, C.A.E.

Publication Editors

Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Ezra E.H. Griffith, MD
Newsletter Charles Dike, MD
Website Jason G. Roof, MD

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Annette Hanson, MD
Alexander Simpson, FRANZCP

Past Presidents

2013-2014 Robert Weinstock, MD
2012-2013 Debra A. Pinals, MD
2011-2012 Charles L. Scott, MD
2010-2011 Peter Ash, MD
2009-2010 Stephen B. Billick, MD
2008-2009 Patricia R. Recupero, MD, JD
2007-2008 Jeffrey S. Janofsky, MD
2006-2007 Alan R. Felthous, MD
2005-2006 Robert I. Simon, MD
2004-2005 Robert T.M. Phillips, MD, PhD
2003-2004 Robert Wettstein, MD
2002-2003 Roy J. O’Shaughnessy, MD
2001-2002 Larry Strasburger, MD
2000-2001 Jeffrey Metzner, MD
1999-2000 Thomas G. Gutheil, MD
1998-1999 Larry R. Faulkner, MD
1997-1998 Renée L. Binder, MD
1996-1997 Ezra E. H. Griffith, MD
1995-1996 Paul S. Appelbaum, MD
1994-1995 Park E. Dietz, MD, PhD, MPH
1993-1994 John M. Bradford, MB
1992-1993 Howard V. Zonana, MD
1991-1992 Kathleen M. Quinn, MD
1990-1991 Richard T. Rada, MD
1989-1990 Joseph D. Bloom, MD
1988-1989 William H. Reid, MD
1987-1988 Richard Rosner, MD
1986-1987 J. Richard Ciccone, MD
1985-1986 Selwyn M. Smith, MD
1984-1985 Phillip J. Resnick, MD
1983-1984 Loren H. Roth, MD
1982-1983 Abraham L. Halpem, MD
1981-1982 Stanley L. Portnow, MD
1980-1981 Herbert E. Thomas, MD
1979-1980 Nathan I. Sidley, MD
1978-1979 Irwin N. Pen, MD
1975-1977 Gerald J. Sarwer-Foner, MD
1973-1975 Seymour L. Pollack, MD
1971-1973 Robert L. Sadoff, MD
1969-1971 Jonas R. Rappeport, MD