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University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Program in Forensic Psychiatry

Director(s) Richard Martinez, MD, MH+
Associate Director: Jeffery L. Metzner, MD*+
Address Office of Behavioral Health/Univ. of CO Denver
3520 W. Oxford Avenue
Denver, CO
Zip Code 80236
Telephone 303-217-3846
Fax 303-866-7444
Email richardp.martinez@state.co.us
URL http://www.medschool.ucdenver.edu/psychiatry/education
Program Coordinator and Email Sara Dillard sara.dillard@ucdenver.edu
Level PGY-5 or PGY -6
Positions 4
Accredited by ACGME Yes
Annual Stipend PGY- 5 = $59, 098 and PGY-6 = $61, 559 plus benefits
Offers forensic elective for medical students. Contact program director for details.
Offers forensic elective for residents. Contact program director for details.

Program description

The University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine offers a one-year, full-time fellowship training program in psychiatry and the law. This is a joint program between the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine and the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, which is responsible for all state forensic activities including the administration of the Forensic Institute in Pueblo, CO. In addition the program works closely with the Colorado Department of Corrections and Denver Health Medical Center. Fellowship faculty include academic and clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry, in the Behavioral Health Program at Denver Health Medical Center, forensic experts in the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, Department of Corrections, private forensic practitioners, and faculty from the Denver University School of Law. Dr. Martinez is involved in ethics in forensic psychiatry, teaches at the DU Law School, and is involved in setting standards for forensic report writing and testimony.

The program is designed to familiarize fellows with all aspects of forensic psychiatry, and to prepare them for forensic practice, teaching, research and system consultation, and/or academic careers. Topics covered through didactic seminars and supervised practical experience include procedures for forensic evaluations, report writing, relevant research and phenomenological literature, landmark mental health cases, treatment of patients in correctional and forensic settings, system consultation around forensic issues, collaboration with other professionals (law enforcement, correctional, etc.), the evaluation of foreign victims of torture, fitness for duty examinations with the Denver Police Department, IME\\\\\\\'s, and ethical issues involved in forensic practice.

Fellows are provided the opportunity to observe experienced forensic professionals performing evaluations, preparing reports, and testifying in civil and criminal cases. They then have direct, supervised experience in performing forensic evaluations in those areas, preparing reports, and testifying in court. Mock trial experiences are conducted in coordination with DU Sturm School of Law. Fellows are encouraged to conduct research in forensic areas. The program strives to organize the fellowship experience around each Fellows area of interest. We have trained numerous Fellows with backgrounds in child/adolescent psychiatry.

Fringe benefits include a fully paid trip to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (including enrollment in the Forensic Psychiatry Review Course) and a trip with Dr. Jeffrey Metzner, the associate director of the program, to a prison or jail involved in mental health litigation.

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