Journal of AAPL

Journal of the Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

The journal is now available at http://www.jaapl.org 

Editorial Board

Editor Michael A. Norko, MD, MAR
Deputy Editor Susan J. Hatters Friedman, MD
Reflections and Narratives Editors Richard Martinez, MD, MH, Philip Candilis, MD
Legal Digest Editor Jennifer L. Piel, JD, MD
Book Review Editor Tobias D. Wasser, MD
Managing Editor Jacquelyn T. Coleman, CAE

Associate Editors

Brendel, Rebecca W.
Cerny-Suelzer, Cathleen A
Choi, Octavio
Emmanuel, Maisha
Fedoroff, John Paul
Gulrajani, Chinmoy
Harding, Lisa
Kelly, Brendan
Mela, Mansfield
Michaelsen, Katherine
Negrón-Muñoz, Rosa E.
Obikoya, Kehinde
Rogers, Richard
Rosenbaum, Karen B.
Seawell, Monifa
Simpson, Joseph
Sorrentino, Renée
Tamburello, Anthony
Watson, Clarence
Wortzel, Hal
Xenakis, Stephen

Instructions for Authors

AAPL has developed a document to help authors with guidelines for writing and submitting articles for the Journal 

Click here for the Instructions for Authors