About AAPL


Purpose: Awarded in recognition of AAPL members who have made significant contributions to the field of forensic psychiatry
Eligibility Criteria: Members of AAPL who are age 60 or over.
Character of Award: Gold Apple on Engraved Wood Stand
Frequency: Annual (October)
Established: 1973


Walter Bromberg, MD and Henry Davidson MD (posthumously)
1974 Karl Menninger, MD
1975 Bernard Diamond, MD
1977 Maier Tuchler, MD
1978 Seymour Pollack, MD
1980 Janas Robitscher, MD
1981 Herbert Modlin, MD
John K. Torrens, MD and Henry Foster, Esq, (honorary) and Dr. Anatoly Koryagin (honorary)
1985 A. Louis McGarry, MD
1986 Melvin S. Heller, MD
Abraham L. Halpern, MD and Georg Sturup, Dr.Med. (honorary)
1988 Herbert E. Thomas, MD
1989 Jonas R. Rappeport, MD
1990 Irwin N. Perr, MD
1991 Bruno Cormier, MD (posthumously)
1992 Jacques M. Quen, MD
1993 John MacDonald, MD
1994 Carl Malmquist, MD
1995 Robert I. Simon, MD
1996 Robert L. Sadoff, MD
1997 Mel Goldzband, MD
1998 Emanuel Tanay, MD
1999 Seymour Halleck, MD
2000 Harvey Bluestone, MD
2001 Elissa P. Benedek, MD
2002 Phillip J. Resnick, MD
2003 Richard Rosner, MD
2004 Thomas G. Gutheil, MD
2005 J. Richard Ciccone, MD
2006 Howard Zonana, MD
2007 Diane H. Schetky, MD
2008 Robert Weinstock, MD
2009 James Beck, MD
2010 Joseph Bloom, MD
2011 Ezra Griffith, MD
2012 Kenneth Appelbaum, MD
2013 Paul Appelbaum, MD
2014 Renee Binder, MD
2015 Kenneth Weiss, MD
2016 John Bradford, MD
2017 Douglas Mossman, MD
2018 Graham Glancy, MD
2019 Gregory Leong, MD
2020 Stephen Billick, MD


Purpose: Awarded in recognition of service to AAPL
Eligibility Criteria: Members of the academy who have contributed to the organization through service on committees, task forces, etc.
Character of Award: Red Apple on Engraved Wood Stand
Frequency: Annual (October)
Established: 1985


1985 Dennis F. Koson, MD and Lynn W. Blunt, MD
1986 Jacques M. Quen, MD
1987 Melvin G. Goldzband, MD
1988 David J. Barry, MD
1990 Henry C. Weinstein, MD
1991 Howard V. Zonana, MD
1992 Stanley E. Prentice, MD
1993 Park E. Dietz, MD, PhD, MPH
1994 Alan Felthous, MD and Robert Wettstein, MD
1995 John M. Bradford, MB
1996 Bruce Harry, MD
1997 J. Richard Ciccone, MD
1998 Robert Weinstock, MD
1999 Jeffrey L. Metzner, MD
2000 Richard Rosner, MD
2001 Nathan T. Sidley, MD
2002 Stephen B. Billick, MD
2003 Neil S. Kaye, MD
2004 Stanley Kern, MD
2005 Kenneth L. Appelbaum, MD
2006 Michael A. Norko, MD
2007 Peter Ash, MD
2008 Debra Pinals, MD
2009 Victoria Harris, MD, MPH
2010 David Rosmarin, MD
2011 Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan, MD
2012 Emily Keram, MD
2013 Kenneth Busch, MD
2014 Richard Frierson, MD
2015 Steven Berger, MD & Charles Meyer, Jr., MD
2016 Charles Dike, MD & Marilyn Price, MD
Thomas Gutheil, MD & Susan Hatters-Friedman, MD
2018 Barry Wall, MD
2019 Aimee Kaempf, MD
2020 Alan Newman, MD


Purpose: Awarded in recognition of devoted service and numerous contributions over many years to the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Eligibility Criteria: Nonmember of the academy who has made numerous contributions and given devoted service to the Academy.
Character of Award: Engraved Crystal (previously a Certificate)
Frequency: (Annual) October (not given every year)
Established: 1986


Ralph Slovenko, LLB, PhD and Charles G. Steinberg, Esq
1987 Henry J. Steadman, PhD
1988 Michael L. Perlin, JD
Mrs. Joan Rappeport and Mrs. Marilyn Goldzband
1990 No award given
1991 Robert K. Ressler, Special Agent, FBI
1992 Richard Rogers, PhD
1993 Joel Dvoskin, PhD
Richard Bonnie, LLB and Mrs. Marilyn Halpern, PhD
1995 Larry Fitch, JD
1996 No award given
1997 No award given
1998 Jacquelyn T. Coleman, MA, CAE
1999 Ronnie Harmon, MA
2000 No award given
2001 No award given
2002 Madelon Baranoski, PhD
2003 No award given
2004 Cheryl Regehr, PhD
2005 Richard Taranto, JD
2006 No award given
2007 No award given
2008 Barbara McDermott, PhD
2009 No award given
2010 No award given
2011 No award given
2012 Mary Cimiluca
2013 No award given
2014 Michael Deegan
2015 No award given
2016 Kristin Loney & Marie Westlake
2017 No award given
2018 No award given
2019 Sara Elsden
2020 Aaron Palmer, JD


Purpose: To recognize distinguished contributions to the field of forensic psychiatry.
Eligibility Criteria: Psychiatrists who are members of the American Psychiatric Association, who may or may not be members of the academy, who have made distinguished contributions to the teaching and educational functions of forensic psychiatry.
Character of Award: Engraved Crystal
Frequency: Annual (October)
Established: 1986


1986 Zigmond M. Lebensohn, MD
1987 Ephraim R. Gomberg
1988 Gene L. Usdin, MD
1989 Andrew S. Watson, MD
1991 Phillip J. Resnick, MD
1992 Martin D. Orne, MD, PhD
1993 J. Richard Ciccone, MD
1994 Robert Simon, MD
1995 Thomas Gutheil, MD
1996 Richard Rosner, MD
1997 No award given
Alan Stone, MD (Did not attend to accept award.)
1999 Elissa Benedek, MD
2000 Howard Zonana, MD
2001 Paul S. Appelbaum, MD
2002 Joseph D. Bloom, MD
2003 Jeffrey L. Metzner, MD
2004 Carl P. Malmquist, MD
2005 Ezra E.H. Griffith, MD
2006 Renée L. Binder, MD
2007 John M.W. Bradford, MB, ChB
2008 Jonas Rappeport, MD
2009 Henry Weinstein, MD
2010 Park Dietz, MD
2011 Liza Gold, MD
2012 Larry Faulkner, MD
2013 Robert Weinstock, MD
2014 Sally Johnson, MD
2015 William Reid, MD
2016 Richard Frierson, MD
2017 Alan Felthous, MD
2018 Debra Pinals, MD
2019 Ray Patterson, MD
2020 James Knoll, MD


Purpose: To encourage research (nominated by the Research Committee)
Eligibility Criteria: Highest rated Scientific paper or Research-in-progress submitted to Annual Meeting by a Member in residency training, or one year beyond training if research was done during training.
Character of Award: Certificate and $250
Frequency: Annual (October)
Established: 2001


2001 Herbert W. LeBourgeois, III, MD
2002 Paul Herbert, MD
2003 John H. Montgomery, DO
2004 Eugene Wang, MD
2005 Jason R. Kornberg, MD
2006 No award given
2007 Hal S. Wortzel, MD
2008 Douglas Morris, MD
2009 Matthew Soulier, MD
2010 Camilla Lyons, MD
2011 Paul Christopher, MD
2012 Tara Collins, MD, MPH
2013 Jennifer Piel, MD, JD
2014 Jennifer Piel, MD, JD
2015 Artha Gillis, MD
2016 Seth Judd, DO
2017 James A. Armontrout, MD
2018 Elias Ghossoub, MD
2019 Greg Iannuzzi, MD & Patricia Ortiz, MD
2020 Ahmad Umair Janjua, MD


Purpose: To recognize excellence in teaching forensic psychiatry
Eligibility Criteria: Anyone may nominate by letter; a junior faculty teacher (i.e., ten years or fewer) teaching in a forensic fellowship program
Character of Award: Certificate and $500
Frequency: Annual (October)
Established: 2002


2002 John Kennedy, MD
2003 Ryan Finkenbine, MD
2004 Alan Newman, MD
2005 Debra A. Pinals, MD
2006 Richard L. Frierson, MD
2007 James L. Knoll, MD
2008 Charles Scott, MD
2009 Merrill Rotter, MD
2010 Susan Hatters Friedman, MD
2011 Kenneth Weiss, MD
2012 Stephen Noffsinger, MD
2013 Richard Martinez, MD
2014 No award given
2015 Sherif Soliman, MD
2016 Ryan Shugarman, MD
2017 No award given
2018 Kaustubh Joshi, MD
2019 William C. Darby, MD
2020 Ryan Wagoner, MD